Team handover

I’ve pinged a mail to @alanbell to request handing over of the launchpad ~ubuntu-uk team to me. I previously was the team leader (some years back), so I am familiar with this stuff. I did this so I could be an “interim CEO” of the team while we get it all rebooted. Hope that’s all in order. Not wanting to take it all over and dominate things. Just trying to make it easier to help others get started. <3


As quick as a flash, this is now done.


This is great news, @popey!
I would also encourage you to bring @Ernmander into the mix as he’s been very keen on building up the Ubuntu community in the UK. :slight_smile:


Yup, I’m just doing a bit of transitional help to get things moving. I’m happy for other people to get involved and/or take over :slight_smile:


Great to have an experienced hand at the helm. Great job @popey and also brilliant ob by @aaronprisk and the team for reinvigorating the LoCo scene.


great one @popey and the team :innocent:

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I’m keen to find a new leader for the UK LoCo.
I sadly no longer have the energy or enthusiasm to continue working on this.

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Mate, is everything ok?

Hey @Ernmander , that’s probably a question best in private. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re probably right

If you still feel the same way tomorrow I’ll do it.