Talking telecommunications | Community office hours

Listen to us chat to @mamazur, the product manager for telco initiatives at Canonical :vibration_mode: 2021-08-19T16:00:00Z

We’ll be talking about his role in the Ubuntu community :handshake: the role of telcos in open source, and some of the technologies and communities he’s a part of :woman_technologist: … and more.

So if you’ve ever had any telecommunications questions or are interested in getting involved, turn up and ask questions on YouTube or Twitch.

Or, if you can’t make it live, ask your questions here and we’ll read them on stream :smiley: The recording will be available at afterward :telephone_receiver:

Links from the stream:


A couple of questions for Thursday’s “Talking Telecommunications” session:

  1. In the traditional, bare metal, telecommunications network, discrete boxes typically provide separate network element functions. In the virtualised telco network, network element functions are virtualised on top of the NFVi. How has this impacted telco network operations, especially when things go wrong? Has trouble-shooting suddenly got more complicated, and how are network operators coping? Virtualisation provides for tremendous flexibility and scalability, but when things do go wrong, are they much more complicated to troubleshoot (than the bare metal network)?
  2. Traditionally, telco network operators have large, extensively-trained, in-house engineering departments responsible for (amongst other things) daily network operations. How are telco operators coping with the modernisation of their engineering departments to handle the demands of the virtualised network? Are vendors occupying more of what was considered the telco operators’ (or their Managed Services providers) network operations space?

I wasn’t able to watch live this time but I’ve watched afterwards and I must say it was great talk.

Always keen to hear more geeky stuff done with opensource!