Switching back usb-modeswitch to use tcl, removing our rewrite

Hey there,

Our usb-modeswitch package is currently carrying a rewrite of the ‘dispatcher’ in C instead of tcl. The change has been done 9 years ago to win CD space (limited one, the deb is around 1MB)

The package is not actively maintained, we don’t have anyone familiar with the codebase to keep the rewrite updated and in sync with upstream work and isn’t bug free

Since the desktop team doesn’t have the resources to keep the rewrite in shape, unless someone steps up to work on those issues and deal with updates we plan to drop the patch and add back the tcl depends (Debian is using jim instead of tcl which is smaller and supported by upstream which could be also an option but it’s currently in universe and it’s probably best for us to use a package already supported and in main rather than promote and maintain a new one)


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Sounds good to me. I struggled with bug #1800794 a while ago, and it’s one of those loose ends. The TCL variant, which fixes that bug, is still in a PPA, btw.