Survey to all users for better Ubuntu development and user experince

We like to discuss about any possible way for better reach to users for ubuntu and some challenging changes that need to be there for a better Ubuntu User experience and Ubuntu Development . Not just packages or updates but Can we do some more effort to bring Ubuntu towards Users door step by engaging Ubuntu community In various sectors . collabrating college students, Supporting them as mentor for students research works , having some national and regional events of Ubuntu development , Audio Video seminars to encourage college university students , teachers etc with Ubuntu and so on …

I like to know what my other friends think about this

Thank you all

I’m not sure I understood, do you want to survey to understand possible areas of improvement, or to create materials to help them, or do you want to do one to be able to do the second?

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a 360 degree approach … as you have mentioned all can be covered …

Ubuntu 19.04

excellent kernel update.
better support for nvidia graphics.
increased speed.
great stability .
incorporates WINE improvements.
fixed bugs.
nice yaru theme.
Ubuntu Mate 19.04 works great.

Things I would like to see:
Development of a ONE CORE Ubuntu, and then simply plug in any flavors.
Easily allow more than one flavor as install, with all apps useable with any and all desktops or flavors.

minimalists should not dictate the desktop for the major Ubuntu distribution, it should be another flavor.

If Gnome is to be the desktop for all, it should also have options for all, especially for those migrating from Windows Microsoft.
That is, if one really wants everyone to consider Ubuntu as a better alternative to Windows 10.
Unfortunately, many Windows 10 users need the ease of use, but do not necessarily like the cost, stability, safety and tremendous waste of time and resources that Microsoft brings.

Many would love to switch to a better OS, like Ubuntu, but only if it were easy and usable for the majority.

When one sits behind a real desk, one uses it for their individual liking and needs.
What good is a desk that one cannot use, but one has to struggle and waste time to open the drawers of the desk every time one needs an item that could be easily available and on the real desk.
The computer desktop is merely an imitation of the real desk.
Ubuntu for humans, right?

If developers want a desktop for themselves it should be called: Ubuntu Developers 19.04.

Since I like to be in control of my own desktop and use it for my personal needs, to have on my desktop what I need on my desktop.
I reluctantly had to revert back to Ubuntu Gnome 18.04.

Although I really wanted the many improvements of Ubuntu Gnome 19.04, but with the capabilities of 18.04.

I really need the choice of menus, docks and desktop tools on the actual PC desktop, with control of what I want it to look like.
I really need to be able to drag and drop any item easily to the desktop.
And I need Filing cabinets and managers like Caja and Nemo to save me time, and incorporate all the ease of use, so I can be productive.

However, the hard work and skills of the Ubuntu Gnome desktop developers are commendable.

I, and I think most users just do not want to be forced into a minority liked OS of a few minimalists.

But, thank you all for a free, open source OS, open to the personal views, wishes and needs of all users.

Ubuntu is still the best.

Ian Weisser will not consider any reviews from me, and apparently really does not care what users think or need.
I think he is hurting the progress for a Ubuntu OS that the majority, that is billions of humans could use.
Instead of catering to minimalistic developers it would be nice to develop a truly easy to use Ubuntu with a Full Desktop, that Windows 10 users could embrace and leave Microsoft for a better, more secure, free alternative.
That is what I rally for.
Unfortunately, Ubuntu Gnome 19.04 desktop is a Ian Weisser production, not what the majority of users would want.

That’s not what he said. He just want to be a good moderator by ordering the topics but sometimes he can be a little Thanos.
Let’s do what he asked. Let’s provide links to all the topics you would like to discuss.

Sadly, after the death of Unity Desktop and the return of Mark as CEO of Canonical, the focus is not human beings anymore but the Cloud, IoT, and servers.

I share your sentiment. I do what I can to improve Ubuntu in these dark days.

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There’s no reason for Windows 10 users to leave Windows. Most of them don’t even know Linux exists. Most won’t ever leave Windows 10 for it just works.

You use Ubuntu and Linux, because you like it, not because you are against Windows. Those, who come to Linux, because they are running away from (or hate) Windows, would run away from Linux in time. So, those, who come here to Linux must come with an open heart and mind, free of any dislike/hatred to other operating systems.


There’s no reason for Windows 10 users to leave Windows.

Nope. That was exactly the reason why me and my family left Windows. Because it is annoying with its update mechanism (full screen updater at start and shutdown), the interface is bad (I’m not talking about the look and feel which has become very good apart from the border radius rendering), and had some funny stuff like blue screen of death, installing driver horror.
So… Just no.

That’s a private matter, a private dislike. Annoyance is problem that has to be looked into. Once, you leave something, just forget about it – you are not using it, so it can’t/shouldn’t annoy you.

Anyway, everyone has the right to use what they consider good for them. The creator of Ubuntu never said a bad word about other distros/OSs, even praised them.