Survey: Advertising, Awareness & Tutorials

Hello to all of you! Because Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is a very important release, I ask you all if it would be interesting to do something about advertising and attention. Tutorials may be a good way to start.

I got some years of experience in marketing and advertising, also IT, design (Yaru contributor) and video/photoproduction and I guess, some of you will have same or even more advanced experiences.

What are the main points IMHO?

  • Branding
  • Awareness
  • Teaching/Tutorials

Branding - "Make Ubuntu even stronger"

A lot of people around the internet have a bad opinion about Ubuntu for different, often confusing or personal reasons. That’s fine, we all are free. But the branding should be very important to Ubuntu and 20.04 is maybe a system that can stand out. And if not, at least we can get Ubuntu into a brighter light. Maybe also in ignoring the “naysayer” and go on to find new user-groups out there. Be present, be secure, be confident, show stability and care about privacy and usability. Build a standard in the market to build on. That and more points are benefits we can build on.

Awareness - "Say hello to the people"

No one will use a system, they never heard of. So with a strong branding we can bring more awareness to the people to tell them: there is a alternative. The will ask “what is Ubuntu” and we will be happy to answer that questions.

Teaching and Tutorials - "Once source for all"

People like to look everything up on YouTube. But is there a official channel? Not yet. But we can make an official “Ubuntu Community” channel (already done). That way we can create some short tutorials for installing and using Ubuntu - in high quality and in different languages - all from one source. Like the tutorials, but in a video format.

For example we create a tutorial video in English, use that as a blueprint for other languages (I can at least handle English (but not the narrator^^) and German, also the Adobe Suite). This can add a whole new level of service to the world from one channel with short, simple and high quality tutorials, tips & tricks, howtos, commercials and whatever we come up with. Managed in playlists with a kind of “broadcast plan” for new content - like a Trello board.
I think this would add a lot of seriousness and credibility to the Ubuntu environment.

So, what are you thinking?

That is a lot of work and I only would do it, if Ubuntu/Canonical give a “Yes” to that and stands behind it in a way. Also, because we need to use Ubuntu logos, fonts, we have links to there websites and so on. And of course it is important to see that they still really care about the desktop, to justify the effort. In return, they can of course also contribute and help shape the content.

Thanks, Stefan


And a quick poll for some input:

  • I am happy to help/contribute
  • Great idea
  • Good idea
  • Good idea, but should be done differently
  • This should better be an official channel
  • Marketing is the wrong way
  • Too much effort
  • I don’t think that’s necessary
  • Uninteresting/Too late

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You have very good intentions. I don’t know, if you’ve heard of PCLinuxOS, so I am giving a link to their Magazine, which is published from 2006 to date. That community is like a family. There are how-tos on GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, etc, etc. There are recipes for cooking too. If you’ve time, have a look. :slight_smile:

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I like the intention behind this, but I recommend adjusting the wording. Ubuntu remains the most popular distro by a long margin. I think the emphasis should be about building on the strength that we already have, rather than suggesting that Ubuntu isn’t strong.

Regaining trust of users who “use Arch btw” is important, but we shouldn’t forget that most don’t.

That is true, I will edit the text to not suggest that. Also @chanath thanks for the tip!

I just was hoping to get into a new field (as far as I can see) to use the power of the internet and the community to create not only a great system, but also to bring it closer to the people. The worst case is, that we would have a YouTube channel with up-to-date tutorials and maybe other creative stuff :slight_smile:


@luxamman About branding, another important thing that should be improved for Ubuntu is the desktop guide as reported in this post but not feasible at the moment due to missing volunteers

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