Support for libvirt primitives and templates

Does Multipass have support for libvirt primitives? Currently I’m using a combination of virt-install
(that references libvirt primitives) and uvtool (that calls actual libvirt XML templates).

Hi @pmatulis, can you elaborate what you mean by “libvirt primitives”? Everything on the Multipass command line works with libvirt behind the scenes.

Hi @saviq. Can I pass any libvirt option to multipass or does it only support a subset? For instance, can I specify a MAC address? Can I specify to PXE boot (e.g. use with MAAS)? Can I specify a libvirt network?

Secondly, does multipass support libvirt XML templates?

Hey @pmatulis. No, we don’t plan to expose that, as this would only work for libvirt… we’d then need to reimplement all the options for LXD, Hyper-V, VirtualBox… You can still multipass launch and then virsh / virt-manager to modify the instances, though.

We’ll be exposing more networking options soon, but PXE… what use would Multipass be if everything it did was just run qemu? Right now we rely on networking to access the VM - we have a plan to move to the LXD VM agent in time, but I still fail to see how Multipass would help a MAAS scenario.