Suggestions of customization pack in the future for Ubuntu (Desktop) versions

Hello everyone. I have some tips, proposals or suggestions that might be of help or inspiration in future versions of Ubuntu for a complete customization pack (which already comes with the operating system itself by default and not from third-party application installations), relative to some of the visual audio effects that are listed as follows:

  • In the next versions of Ubuntu, the bottom edge corners of the windows could be rounded.

  • Backgrounds, if there’ any, could add more default wallpaper options (such as new landscapes). For the options it has, I believe 11 themes are limited compared to 35 default themes from other operating systems. In addition, could add the option of solid colors with all color variations to the desktop, as shown below.


  • The window colors, toolbar and task bar could be customized in the same way. However, the transparency option could be added and in addition, with varying intensity. By default, to not use enough machine performance, this option can be disabled.



  • As for appearance, the window fonts could be changed in accordance with the user’s preference, by changing the size, type/kind (eg New Times Roman, Arial), color variation according to spectrum, etc. The selection buttons could be varied in size in the same way. Now the folders, could vary their colorations.








  • Option to freely move all the icons present in the toolbar to the desktop (items of fundamental importance, perhaps, items like “search your computer”, “files”, “system settings” and “trash” would not be a good idea to be moved [but can be copyed] or removed for security reasons), because there is no way to move any of these items in the toolbar to anywhere else.

  • Could add operating system sounds for actions or functions in the future.


  • Screensaver of animated screens, of image selection or gifs could be added.






  • The same could be to cursor customization.


In the end, if all of these features weigh the machine, by default, Ubuntu can come with the themes that have the best performance to be runable on any computer, and anyone who wants, can change on their own of your best style through this complete pack which could be available on Ubuntu to be customized at any time.

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Customization is fine, but I disagree with theme packs for Ubuntu, OS that strives to look as professional as possible would look immature with theme packs that turn it into a circus and distract from the identity people are now trying to create with the new Ubuntu gtk/shell/icon theme, sure users can customize what they want, but preinstalled theme packs would work against creating unique and beautiful visual identity.

I have no problem with customization packages IF…

  • The package uses stable API/ABIs to apply changes
  • Theme element usage is properly logged upon start and stop (including startup and shutdown)
  • The package docs clearly explain the changes that the package makes
  • Releases are distributed through the Ubuntu Repos (not a PPA)

Over in the support venues, we already have big problems with users who make various tweaks to their systems, then forget exactly what they did when they want to change/update/revert.
It doesn’t matter that they were using random blog posts.
It doesn’t matter that they installed random code from GitHub or PPAs or some random Website.
Ubuntu gets the blame.

Go ahead and recruit a team and make a customization application/pack package.
Nothing stopping you. (Nobody is going to do it for you.)

Just make it supportable: The target audience of Ubuntu is new, often unskilled users who will make unwise choices that they must rediscover and undo.

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