Suggestion: Recurring revenue for Ubuntu

Hi Community,

I’ve used Ubuntu on the desktop for years. In that time I think I’ve donated once when downloading an ISO, which I’m not necessarily proud of, but I imagine it’s a common enough behavior.

I have some recurring donations set up for other causes I believe in, but could find no way to do so in Ubuntu. Then I thought maybe there would be a better way to get recurring revenue.

My suggestion is to partner with cloud service providers. A while ago you offered Ubuntu One with built in backup and cloud storage which didn’t seem to take off. But what if instead of building it yourselves Ubuntu partnered with Microsoft O365 or Google Apps and offered a unique email URL, office access, built in cloud backup using those service, etc.? Both Microsoft and Google offer reseller programs that could potentially be used with minimal modification.

It would take some analysis of Ubuntu desktop install base to see if it makes sense, but I would happily pay a little more than I currently pay for my cloud backup to get it through Ubuntu and know that they’re getting something from my usage every month.

This seems like an obvious idea, but I searched and there wasn’t any mention of it that I could find so I thought I’d post.

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