(suggestion) Hide all windows by click on empty area of desktop

It happens to me, naive I click on a desktop,“behind” opened windows, because I wanted to “show desktop” - “hide all windows”. But there is none with such action currently. Then I thought, really it looks natural and a suggested feature, where i can share this?
(There is a setting to switch work-spaces by the scrolling on empty field of a desktop. But I tell about luck of some natural GUI of Ubuntu. This is likely a logical bug.)
I 'm not sure that this is the best place to post such thing.

Not sure it’s even a good idea.

What happens if you’ve got a whole load of applications open and wander off to put the kettle on and then the cat cleverly manages to step on a mouse button and you come back to a blank desktop - and then you panic …

Here is an extension that fixes this for you:


would be a nice default feature in gnome.

Not sure is the right thing to link the action to “click on empty space”, but once upon a time there was a useful “show desktop” button

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It still comes with dash to panel, right ?

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still have that in my panel on Xubuntu :wink: