Suggestion: Encryption support for different partitions in the instalation

It would be amazing if you improve the encryption support in the Ubuntu installation assistant.

It is easy to get full disk encryption with no customization when installing Ubuntu with the live cd, but if you use different partitions for system, swap, home folder etc, what become normal when you improve as a Linux user, it become a nightmare of terminal commands that makes hard to get a secure system and even can bring problems when updating the system (as I saw in some forum posts)

I would like to suggest you guys to add a step before choose the HDD for the installation where the user can choose for a encrypted system or not, and if it is encrypted, how strong is the encryption and if want to customize the partitions.
Then the user is taken to a panel to configure the partitions, choose if it wants one password for all, if wants encrypted swap and so on. But after that, any partition scheme would be encrypted.

Adding this kind o support would make easy for users with shallow programing knowledge to stay safe even when customizing the partitions