Subscribing to test cases on the Testing tracker

Testers of Ubuntu and Ubuntu flavour images utilize the Testing tracker to submit their results. A useful feature of the Testing tracker is that it will send email when a new image has become available for testing. (This feature is only enabled for milestones e.g. Beta or Final.)

To subscribe to a product and its test cases visit a page at the Testing tracker like the test case listing for Ubuntu Destkop amd64 testcases.

Screenshot from 2023-10-01 13-16-25

On this page you can check the box next to “Ubuntu Desktop Run-Once” to select all the test cases beneath it, or you can check individual test cases. After you’ve checked the appropriate boxes click the “Subscribe” button. Don’t worry you won’t receive an email for each test case! You’ll only receive a single email when there is a new image to test.

The final release of the Mantic Minotaur, which will be Ubuntu 23.10, is rapidly approaching. Please help us test images when they become available!


Canary? Canary ISO seems disappeared and your page does not reflect the page you cite.
Will test Daily-live.

The Canary image has become the daily-live image. After writing this post I renamed all the tests which had “Canary” in the name so the screenshot is now out of date.

Tested the last ISO, no new bugs found. If during test i find old bugs should I note in the test result?

Please add any bugs that you find to the Testing tracker so that the release team will be aware of all issues.