Submit your questions for Ubuntu Summit 2023 session: Skynet or Star Trek, what’s the future of AI?

The Ubuntu Summit 2023 is scheduled for November 3 to 5, 2023 in Riga, Latvia. There are many reasons why you should attend the Ubuntu Summit this year.

This year we are hosting several roundtable discussions with subject matter experts and industry leaders, and we want to hear from you! Read the session details below, reply with all your burning questions, and you might just see yours answered live on stage.

Session title:

Skynet or Star Trek, what’s the future of AI?

Session details

This is a roundtable discussion where subject matter experts are going to discuss the future of AI. Questions from the Ubuntu Discourse, Ubuntu Hideout, Ubuntu Subreddit and various other platforms will be selected and asked by our moderator. This session is going to be hosted in the Plenary room, therefore streamed live on the Ubuntu On Air YouTube channel.

  • Panelists:
    • Juan Luis Rodriguez Cano, Product Manager, McKinsey
    • Frank Karlitschek, CEO, NextCloud
    • Andreea Munteanu, AI/ML Product Manager at Canonical
    • Craig Loewen, WSL Product Manager at Microsoft
    • Pablo Ruiz Múzquiz, CEO at Penpot
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Moderator: Graham Morrison

Panel abstract:

AI touches everything and everybody. From enterprises who are adjusting their budgets to invest more, to students who are taking intense courses, there is a clear trend on the market that includes the latest technologies.
Yet, there is no innovation without a grain of doubt. Whereas the benefits are clear for almost everyone who interacts with artificial intelligence, there are still a lot of questions related to the future of AI. Ethical guidelines, security concerns and the real economic impact are just some of the key points that analysts have raised.
Together with professionals from different fields, who interact with AI from different angles, either as developers, end users or product managers, this panel discussion will talk about the future of AI. Controversial topics such as the possibility of AI taking over the world and more serious initiatives such as the laws that some countries are working on will be just some of the items from our agenda. Some of the questions will be, in fact, curiosities that you had and asked on our channels.

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Looking forward to this. Three questions from my side:

  • Are we placing too much emphasis on the long term risks of “AI” (extinction, existential risk) to shift attention away from its current impacts in the present (underpaid annotators, massive scale IP theft, lack of algorithmic accountability)?
  • Since both the free and open-source licenses encode freedom of endeavour and non-discrimination, what can be done to limit the harm done by open “AI” systems by bad actors?
  • Since “AI” systems notoriously require massive amounts of water and energy to function, are we confident that we will be able to continuously scale them in a planet with finite resources that is already starting to show signs of breakdown?
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