Subiquity 22.04.2 has been released to stable

I’ve just released Subiquity 22.04.2 to the snap stable channel. This version will be offered to most users during installation. When using the Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 LTS install ISOs, the previous release (22.02.2) will be offered instead.

This release matches the version of Subiquity that can be found in the just-released Ubuntu Jammy 22.04 LTS.

What’s changed:

  • Fix a crash related to lookup of the GeoIP DNS name
  • Fix a refresh screen related hang
  • Fix an exception that can be seen when waiting for cloud-init startup
  • Fix crash when UA token expiration date has Z suffix
  • Add support for installing third-party drivers, if ubuntu-drivers is present
  • Fix a storage related data race that could result in a crash
  • Increase minimum suggested boot size to 1.75GiB
  • Add RISC-V support
  • Fix a crash that can occur when restarting the installer
  • Update translations

For further details please see the release notes on Github.

for the Ubuntu Server team

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