Subiquity 21.04.4 has been released to stable

Hi all,

I’ve just release subiquity 21.04.2 (which was the version of subiquity included on the 21.04 installer) to stable.

Due to a bug that causes a crash when the snap is refreshed in the version of subiquity on the 20.04.2 installer, the new version is not yet offered to users of 20.04.2 but users of 18.04 and older 20.04 installers will be offered the new version. I’d be interested to hear whether people thing having the new version be available is better than having a clunky experience on upgrade.

As usual more details are on github: 21.04.1 was never released to stable so read its release notes too!



Hi, any chance for adding RTL support?
It’s almost fully translated, I know these kind of issues has already been fixed with Debian installer using FriBiDi.

So I will see Ubiquity replaced by Subiquity in some future ISO of Ubuntu Desktop?

I’m not sure :confused: I think this would require support from the urwid widget library we use and I don’t think that’s there. I don’t know how hard it would it be to add…

Well. The plan is to build a new desktop installer that will use some parts of the subiquity codebase to do its thing. So some subiquity code will be there, but there is also a whole new UI to write as well. Does that answer your question?

what package name will I have to look for in .manifest for the new installer? is the name already decided?

I guess it will be added as a snap application. You can find the code at

There is also a discussion about the new installer => Refreshing the Ubuntu Desktop Installer


I’ve encountered the following attempt by the original author, we’ll probably have to dig deeper to see where it stands:

I’ve also commented on the bug by the author (referring to a non existing obsolete bug tracker):

I want to make sure we’re heading in the right direction, both Debian Installer and Ubuntu Installer had a ranging levels of RTL support, I don’t want to introduce any regression in that area.