Strange Things After Update (7.10)

Hello there,

literally just wipped my Linux drive and done a fresh install of 7.10, in love once more aside from little strange goings on after update.

Everything working perfect, notice I needed to do a driver update for my graphics card, no biggie, all working fine.

Next I proceed to doing the final system updates, after a reboot the UI starts to lock up after about 10min, finally the system will become unresponsive.

After another reboot when you open a terminal or text editor you get a continuous stream of “~~~~~” until a key is pressed. Also the key N doesn’t function at all.

If you go to suspend and switch account then press num key twice then re login, do another reboot everything magically works fine, even if you reboot. Did find this amusing as it felt like I entered some kind of cheat code like Up, Down Start Select. Obviously there’s a little more to this but thought it worth reporting.

I was able to replicate this two times on fresh downloads of Ubuntu, the primary culprit I believe is the Logitech G19s and without another keyboard to hand right now, unable to rule it out.

If you’d like further information please let me know.

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