Strange Poweroff Behaviour in LXD containers

I’m seeing some strange power-off behavior in LXD containers. This is happening with Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, and CentOS images. Syslog shows a non-graceful shutdown, but nothing related to this in LXD logs

Not sure how to debug this.

Could this be caused by the OOM killer? I mean is OOM killer killing the container? If so, can you say what to look for in the logs to determine this?


Any thoughts on this?

Can you provide actual examples of what you’re seeing, logs etc?

Which logs would you want to see specifically? lxd info --show-log shows nothing out of the ordinary, the syslog in the container just stops at the poweroff event and we see nothing suspicious in the host syslog either.

Our problem is exactly this: We don’t know where to look or what to log to get nearer as to what’s causing this issue

I suppose what I mean is I’m not understanding your problem description.

You mention “strange power-off behavior” and the “poweroff event” - but where are you seeing this, how is it manifesting itself?

The container just suddenly reports as stopped. We are not stopping the container in our systems, it just reports as powered off. When checking the logs, as mentioned, we see what looks like a sudden shutdown, similar to running “lxd stop --force”

OK thanks.

Which logs are you referring to?

The syslog in the container.

Ah, ok please can I see an example?

I’ll revert as soon as we have a good example crop up again, as sadly those logs have rotated out from the last instance of this happening.

Thanks for your time, Tom.

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