Steam Snap: Some new tools

The Steam Snap has recently been upgraded with a few tools to improve user experience.


The steamreport script allows you to take a snapshot of your hardware and system data and use that to aid debugging in issues and discussions. Originally, steamreport was created mainly for game report discussion posts and was just a CLI tool, but its use has expanded to being included in virtually every new issue and is now a GTK-based dialog.

The Steam Snap wiki has been updated to include instructions on how to use the new GUI-based report tool, and the tool will autofill the data collected with the “Open new issue” or “Open new Game Report” buttons to reduce friction when creating issues.

Data is collected through simple shell commands and never leaves your system unless you copy the report into a new issue or discussion.

Here’s a peak at what an example steamreport might look like:



The nvidia32 script has the goal of prompting NVIDIA users to install 32-bit NVIDIA libraries, as they are recommended to use alongside your regular 64-bit drivers. This script isn’t ran manually like steamreport is, but will attempt to prompt you to install 32-bit drivers when launching Steam if it doesn’t detect them on your system. The wiki also includes this information.

This new dialog can be hidden if you don’t want to see it anymore via the checkbox in the dialog, and can be run manually from the snap shell with $SNAP/bin/nvidia32 --show.

Here’s what this dialog looks like:


Template Updates

These changes also come alongside new issue templates utilizing GitHub’s issue form format. This will help improve consistency of information included in each new issue so that we can triage and debug faster than before.

If you haven’t already, try out the Steam Snap here:

If you want to contribute to the Snap or have any issues relating to these new tools or the Snap generally, head over to the GitHub repository here:

Happy gamin’!