Staying on gnome-software 3.30 for Disco

Hey there,

In case people wonder why gnome-software is not being update in disco, we decided to stay on the previous serie, see

Basically the new libxmlb depends is not working properly, the issues are being fixed upstream but it means we couldn’t give any testing to those changes during the cycle and it’s getting late now. We are also short on resources to work on stabilization that update.

Hopefully it lands next cycle and is probably going to be in a ppa for those who want to give it a try before


What about the many fixes during this cycle? The Gnome-software app is often capricious so any bug fix is important I think. Do there will be some backports? Thank’s for your work!

If you have any fix that you think should be backported we can have a look, feel free to report bugs on launchpad or comment here. (looking at the NEWS there isn’t much that seem important, outside of flatpak plugin improvements)

Here’s the most important things in my eyes:

  • New source selection drop down on the details pages
  • Numerous fixes for error reporting, including making error messages more
    useful and avoiding showing network errors from background operations
  • The items in the app menu were all moved to the window menu
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