Statistics about Snaps in Snap Store?


It is probably known to most that Flathub provides download statistics for each day for every Flatpak package on the platform:

I am wondering whether it would be possible for Canonical to add similar statistics to the Snap Store?

Right now it only shows a heatmap for where they are being downloaded from, but without any numbers whatsoever:

It would be interesting to see how many Snap applications are getting downloaded each day, and how many users are depending on their continuous support.

What are your thoughts?


Hi there!

Those statistics do exist on an individual snap basis, but only really exist for individual snap owners. For example, here’s a snap that I publish and maintain:

If I hover over it, it gives me more details under my cursor:


So, it’s not that the statistics aren’t there, but they’re just available for the publisher. Why that isn’t available on the individual page? I assume to keep it simple (the KISS method, if you will).

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Oh, and with my moderator hat on: a much more appropriate forum for this would’ve been since Ubuntu and Snapcraft are separate projects.


Thank you for your kind reply. Sorry for the wrong posting, should I delete this post and post it in that forum instead? I just wanted to suggest showing these numbers by default for everyone instead of hiding them by default.

Nah, don’t worry about it. Instead I’ll just lock this post, but thanks for understanding! :slight_smile:

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