State of hardware-accelerated video playback in 20.04


Guess this is a question for @vanvugt: what’s the state of hardware-accelerated video playback in 20.04?

The topic regarding 18.04 was closed long ago Call for testing: Video playback in 18.04 and the Wiki IntelQuickSyncVideo - Ubuntu Wiki was last updated on 2018-08-28.

I’ve also read this on the “What’s New” post by @Wimpress:

For live streamers and video creators, you’ll find that FFmpeg supports nvenc and VA-API. These are features found in GPUs that perform decoding, encoding or filtering to offload these compute-intensive tasks from the CPU.

But I’m not sure it’s related…

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I haven’t audited it as recently as I would like to. I am only aware of a mesa bug that breaks mpv and totem in Wayland sessions. But even that bug is good news because it’s caused by the presence of 10-bit colour support in 20.04, finally :slight_smile:

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vaapi with the iHD driver (intel-media-va-driver-non-free) seems to work very well here, even with the snap version of vlc …

a really annoying bit is that fractional scaling messes up switching to/from fullscreen, running my 4k 13" laptop screen with 150% makes fullscreening any app loop over various resolutions until if finds one that it feels suiting:

but that “flashy experience” is indeed not related to/caused by acceleration :wink:

That sounds like

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awesome … i me-tooed it :slight_smile: