Start Device with /boot fails on boot up Ubuntu 18.04

Just tried to upgrade my disks from mechanical to SSD type drives. Thought I had prepared thoroughly and it seemed that the process was not too difficult for someone of my lesser experience in Linux.
I previously had a hardware RAID1 set of SATA drives and I wanted to replace it with a RAID 1 SSD. Looked at the process and I came to the conclusion that hardware RAID was going to be the easiest way to go.
Formatted and set up Raid1 on the SSD’s, went through the Clonezilla process and it said everything was successful.
Booted my system with the old drives and with the new ones still installed the system started to complain about duplicates so I unattached my new SSDs just to make sure I could boot with the old drives and it did successfully.
Unattached my old drives and attached the new SSDs and it seemed to start booting quite nicely. When it got to the step where it was trying to start the device with /boot, it timed out and failed.
Did some research, checked FSTAB, UUIDs, etc… through the terminal interface you get access to on the failure and it looked right to me, the new stuff was in there and it matched.
I have difficulty pasting the results of the displays as I cannot boot up far enough to copy and paste the outputs of my FSTAB, blkid, device by UUID (and by ID) and other displays. I can ls the drive but of course /boot shows nothing since it can’t be mounted.
At a loss right now for my next step. I recognize if someone is going to help me, they are going to want some output and I will need to switch between the drives a few times so responses will be slow. Not sure, and someone can confirm, I think I can probably pipe the output of these displays to a text file if need be…right?
Anyway, any assistance would be appreciated.

The support gurus in our support venues are awaiting your support question.

Unfortunately, this is not the right place for support. Sorry.