Start contributing

Hello. How can I start to contribute?
Greetings from Italy and good work! :slight_smile:

Find an area that interests you, and try and get involved.

I’ll suggest

FYI: How teams communicate can vary; many use IRC, but others use other means (eg. telegram etc) You can learn a lot my listening in before you speak up (ask to get involved). No need to fear saying you’d love to help, most teams will LOVE someone expressing interest! though be aware people work in different time-zones and real-life commitments do mean responses can be delayed.


Thank you so much for the links! And especially thank you so much for the interest, your kindness and your replies. For sure i will follow your advices and starting getting involved asap! One of the areas I always liked is the kernel project. But it seems harder to partecipate there.
Thanks again and good work! :slight_smile:

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I have no experience with the kernel; but being involved with bugs comes to mind (

My thinking is you’ll get to see what users experience, you can help triage the bug, and can even explore & suggest solutions (ie. attach patch etc) when you are able. I suspect this work will help get you noticed.