SSH session terminated while moving large storage volume and snapshots


My SSH session died when I was moving a 300GB storage volume with quite a few snapshots to another project on the same server & storage pool & RAID volume.

Now both the source project pp and the destination project sp have the full set of snapshots listed for the volume.

Looking at zfs list there is a difference:

sp00/custom/pp_someserver01_disk00     2.60T  71.1T      323G  legacy
sp00/custom/sp_someserver01_disk00     2.23T  71.1T      319G  legacy

Nothing regarding the move shows in lxd.log nor syslog and not in:

lxc operation list

What can I do to make this move happen again from pp to sp without loosing data (via screen this time)? I’m afraid of just deleting this volume in the destination project unless this is fine to do.


For the sake anyone else…

Well it has taken a while even for SSDs, but it seems to have completed the move all by itself. PHEW!

Big hug to LXD :hugs: