SSD includes windows 10 with Bitlocker enabled

I have a company laptop with an SSD and a HDD.
The SSD includes windows 10 with Bitlocker enabled.
I don’t have access to change the BIOS/UEFI.
If I would try to install Ubuntu on the HDD without disabling the Bitlocker or the SSD drive, would that corrupt the Bitlocker/windows 10?
The outcome that I’d like is that the Ubuntu installation doesn’t even look at the SSD and installs a completely isolated Ubuntu installation on the HDD (UEFI) , and that I can start it with the One Time Boot Menu, by pressing F12 while booting.

Has anyone such experience or any suggestions?

First of all, you need the permission of the company to install another operating system on the company device. If you have the permission of the company, you should ask to resize the existing partition, so that you have some space for Ubuntu on the SSD. I would use the HDD only for data, not for the operating systems.

If you install Ubuntu alongside an encrypted Windows, it is very likely that you need the Bitlocker recovery key (not sure if this is a feature of Bitlocker or TPM).
Of course, during the installation, you should not delete the existing Windows partitions. Even if Ubuntu cannot decrypt the data, it can delete partitions and bits and bytes on the disk.

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