Solution: Multipass not reachable from outside Windows 10 networking host

multipass 1.2.1+win
Host: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 1809 / 17763.1217
Guests: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS (Bionic)

On a default install my primary and subsequent guests get IP addresses of the format brd

The docs are not clear as to what is acting as a DHCP server, but I see DHCP happening in the guest logs, so I will chalk it up to some Multipass magic.

The problem I was confronted with is that I could not ssh into these guests from elsewhere on the ipv4 network. Only from WSL on my Host machine. Now it’s possible that this is some windows firewall setting on my part. But I also think it’s possible that Multipass is setting up a bridge network without ingress. :man_shrugging:

To enable network access to your guest vms:

–Create a Virtual Switch on your network interface

  • Open hyper-v manager.
  • Action > Virtual Switch Manager
  • Select External > Create Virtual Switch
    • Give the virtual switch a name
    • Select the Network Interface you want the switch to attach to and apply.


–Attach Guest to Virtual Switch

  • With the guest powered off
  • Right click on the Virtual Machine name that you want to access, and go to Settings.
  • Select Add Hardware, Network Adapter.
  • Navigate to the new Network Adapter and select the new Virtual Switch you added in the previous step.

–Make your guest aware of the new interface

  • Open a shell to your guest, via Multipass
  • ip link should show a new interface, probably eth1
  • Make a backup of /etc/netplan/NN-cloud-init.yaml
  • Observing proper YAML spacing, add the lines:
            dhcp4: true

So your /etc/netplan/NN-cloud-init.yaml should look approximately like:

            dhcp4: true
                macaddress: 00:15:5d:3d:39:02
            set-name: eth0
            dhcp4: true
    version: 2
  • Run sudo netplan generate, you will be prompted if there are yaml errors.
  • Run sudo netplan apply You may lose connection during this point.
  • You may need to do a systemctl restart systemd-networkd.service or restart the guest via Multipass.
  • If everything went well ip addr should show that you’ve leased an IP address.
  • The guests disallow password logins, so copy your public ssh key to ~authorized_keys on the guest, to enable logging in.

I hope someone finds this helpful :+1:


In my case I have static ip assigned for the second network adapter. once i assigned it to the vm and do ipconfig i see ip details. How to make thing working in static mode.