So, does anybody in the Canonical do things like Fantasy Sports (the stat's geek kind not the gambling addiction kind)

Something made me think that this Discourse instance was for the type of water cooler things that Canonical associated people discoursed on. It seems like I was wrong about that assumption because the categories for Topics are pretty much all business from what I see.

I ask specifically about Fantasy Sports because at one place I worked in the past I got elected to run a league. It turned out to be a great bit of fun for many years and a way for people in various departments to become friendlier than we were from business hours alone.

So in general, do people associated by way of their Canonical connections have fun in non-work-related ways too, or is it all business all the time?

Yeah, this is a ‘lets organize stuff’ sort of place, but the UbuntuForums are the old school water cooler of the community, so that would be the best place to start! And we also have a newer, unofficial counterpart in the UbuntuHideout, which is an active Discord server with all kinds of channels for hobbies and interests.

I am absolutely horrible at fantasy sports, because I never ever update my roster, but I would start on the Forums first! I might also bring it up in our work channels, because that could be a fun way to connect the Canonical and volunteer sides of our communities!