Snap-store crash on startup (20200303.4392a28, rev 293, latest/edge)

I wanted to try the new snap store, but it’s crashing…

You can see the output here:

$ snap-store
07:04:42:0816 Gtk Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
07:04:42:0817 Gtk Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
07:04:42:0853 Gs  enabled plugins: desktop-categories, fwupd, os-release, packagekit, packagekit-local, packagekit-offline, packagekit-proxy, packagekit-refine-repos, packagekit-refresh, packagekit-upgrade, packagekit-url-to-app, appstream, desktop-menu-path, hardcoded-blacklist, hardcoded-featured, hardcoded-popular, modalias, odrs, packagekit-refine, rewrite-resource, packagekit-history, provenance, snap, systemd-updates, generic-updates, provenance-license, icons, key-colors, key-colors-metadata
07:04:42:0853 Gs  disabled plugins: dpkg, dummy, fedora-pkgdb-collections, fedora_langpacks, repos, shell-extensions, epiphany
07:04:42:0960 Gs  /etc/PackageKit/Vendor.conf file not found
07:04:42:0960 Gs  Failed to map ISO639 to language names: cannot find source file : '/usr/pkg/share/xml/iso-codes/iso_639.xml'

Let me know if I can do something to provide more information or testing.

Thanks. Sounds like a bug, and the bug tracker link is

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Thanks, I didn’t know it had its own bug tracker on lunchpad :blush: It was already reported Bug #1866218 “Snap store snap not launching on Ubuntu 16.04 with...” : Bugs : snap-store-desktop


I had this same problem in the beta version of focal-fossa 20.04 LTS, my solution to solve the problem was: executing the command “sudo snap refresh” in the terminal updated the snap-store solving the problem.