Snap Store and Option for Open Source Software only

I know that Canonical and Ubuntu are focused on Snap packages and promoting them as much as possible.

With the classic *.deb packages a user has the option to disable the repositories which include non-free software (eg multivere, restricted). I cannot see or find such option using the Snap Store.

Any plans on that ?

Snap Store includes Open Source and Proprietary software mixed together. The result is, even if someone removes the proprietary repositories (the classic way) he is still promoted with proprietary software through the Ubuntu Software Application. Not only that, but some are also featured.


At the pictures below we can see Hiri . A proprietary e-mail client for Linux, as featured application in Ubuntu Software App.
The second screen-shot incorrectly states the license as Unknown .

Hiri is a proprietary software:


There is some work in progress to make the license of snap visible in Gnome Software:

Maybe you can suggest there to add a filtering feature, to only show free software.


This is a must! I want to be able to disable proprietary software in the Software Center. I am baffled as to why ubuntu shipped with proprietary software in the Software Center when I clearly didn’t agree to that. Someone new to ubuntu won’t be able to tell that when she/he installs apps from the app store, many of them are proprietary. Here it is, Ubuntu, the open source Operating System (not the Windows, not the Apple), and you are happy for them being open source, and you install Ubuntu, and then without even knowing you will install proprietary software. When I look at the Software center, homepage, most of the apps there are proprietary (if you click them, go to details, scroll down to see the licence). Kinda disappointed about this…

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