Snap Parallel Install - Create .desktop entry automatically

Hi all!

Snaps offer this amazing feature of parallel installs however, the .desktop file that is created is always created under the name of the application itself, example: foo instead of foo_alpha or foo_beta. Would it be possible to have snap create the .desktop file under the name of the snap that was parallel installed?

According to the documentation,
During installation, snapd copies the desktop files of the snap to /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/

Sure enough, there it is, I have two versions of Steam installed, doing an ls shows: steam+beta_steam.desktop, steam_steam.desktop but, both Steam .desktop entries have the same Name,

[Desktop Entry]

[Desktop Entry]

Second question is, should I manually edit this file, and change the Name to my liking, or should I create a copy under .local/share/applications ?

Thanks to all.

Maybe file a bug at