Size of Ubuntu Mono

It has been noticed here, there and elsewhere that Ubuntu Mono is significatively smaller than other fonts, even ones from very similar monospaced families, at the same nominal size. This is not only a matter of reconfiguring the size in every app in order to use Ubuntu Mono, which can be tedious for complex apps with detailed settings, but, much worse, of that that cannot be configured: most apps with a complex GUI use heuristics that infer some font sizes from other base or somehow related fonts, and if your main font is Ubuntu Mono you might be out of luck because either your main font looks tiny or some other parts of the GUI look abnormally large. For this reason I’m not using Ubuntu Mono anymore in many apps: VSCode, PyCharm, DBeaver, which makes me sad because I consider it to be the most beautiful monospaced font ever created and I’ve been using it for years, even in Arch lands before I became an Ubuntu user. The situation has become much worse since I started using a hidpi screen. Don’t you think this situation should be improved somehow? How?

Although I’ve reported the issue at Launchpad I nevertheless wanted to raise awareness and read opinions here because I believe it severely impairs the relevance of Ubuntu Mono.