Site doesn't flow on mobile

If you are:

  • not logged in
  • on mobile

The text on screen flows really badly.

Compared to when I am logged in:

I believe this is because the “Ubuntu” theme on the site (which I am using in the second screenshot) flows nicely on mobile, whereas the “Default” theme (used when not logged in) - on the top screenshot - doesn’t flow well.

Should we make “Ubuntu” the default for anonymous users?


Hi, so that’s interesting I hadn’t changed the default theme, and so even logged in I was seeing the same overflow text. I found the theme preferences and changed it to Ubuntu (had no idea you could do that) and the results are much improved layout.

Seems to me setting default to Ubuntu would be a winner for everyone

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Yeah, seems like an easy win. @aaronprisk is this your domain? I used to have permission to fiddle with admin things like the theme but don’t any more.

I believe the web team are in the process of updating the default theme after the latest Discourse upgrade changed a few things. I’ll check in with them tomorrow to see where things stand and what their plans are.