Single VM support

is there a way to cover single VMs without needing to cover a whole server, like if you rent a virtual machine or just have a single ubuntu on a virtual server?

physical would seem inappropriate for the first and overkill for the second.

additionally, is there a way to reset the token if needed, would seem useful if it got in the wrong hands.

hi @My1

If you are a personal user, or if you own a startup/small company then you can use Ubuntu Pro on up to 5 machines for free, so this should cover your 1-5 VMs use-case.

If you need to reset the token please contact us.

hope it helps!

Hi, I am trying to get Pro and do not seem to be able to dl it, can you help me?

It has been several years since I last used linux, so I need help as if I am a nube.

Can you give us some details on what you did/tried and what happened?

Normally you just run the attach command mentioned in your dashboard with your token, it attaches itself and the rest gets more or less done automatically.

well I started out by going to activities in my LTS version if 22.0.4, I went into show applications, then clicked on Ubuntu Pro, which opened a page that sad subscription, this page had basically three options, Forgive me for taking so long to give you this information. it has been over 20 years since I last did a screenshot and I forgot how. but it had ESM infra, ESM Apps, and Kernel livepatch, Then below that it had the instructions for DL of Pro. i downloaded and followed all the steps and when done it sent me back to the main page where it all started. Now it says 'Ubuntu Pro support is enabled. But no where is there a DL frame.

I honestly never knew there was a GUI way of enabling ubuntu pro.

what I did was basically copy the sudo pro attach your-token command and run that.

with pro status in the shell you can show your status.

$ pro status
anbox-cloud      yes       disabled     Scalable Android in the cloud
esm-apps         yes       enabled      Expanded Security Maintenance for Applications
esm-infra        yes       enabled      Expanded Security Maintenance for Infrastructure
fips-preview     yes       disabled     Preview of FIPS crypto packages undergoing certification with NIST
fips-updates     yes       disabled     FIPS compliant crypto packages with stable security updates
livepatch        yes       enabled      Canonical Livepatch service
realtime-kernel* yes       disabled     Ubuntu kernel with PREEMPT_RT patches integrated
usg              yes       disabled     Security compliance and audit tools

 * Service has variants

For a list of all Ubuntu Pro services and variants, run 'pro status --all'
Enable services with: pro enable <service>

     Account: lolnope XD
Subscription: Ubuntu Pro - free personal subscription

if it looks similar for you and the things you want are enabled then all is good, you do not need to actually download anything as the pro tool (or the GUI program which likely just uses pro in the background) pulls the components for running things like livepatch, ESM is basically just another apt repo so that thing just gets integrated into apt repo list.

Ok I will try that. Thanks.

ok i have done everything in the terminal now is there any way of using pro in the
GUI interface or is it all in the terminal?

well once you activated everything, the main things, like ESM and live patches are completely passive

Ok I just wanted to be sure I was on the right track. Thanks.