Simple copy and paste feature gone from Nautilus in Eoan?

The standard Ctrl + C >> Ctrl + V gives


Troublesome! Would it go away, before the release?

Where are you getting this error? I have done numerous copy and paste of rather large files in Ubuntu 19.10 in past few weeks and they have all worked. Going from local hard drive to another location or even to folder mounted via samba has worked fine.

Copy and paste to Gedit or to the terminal and see for yourself. Appears to be happening for a long time.

@chanath Could you please elaborate with complete steps to reproduce the behaviour.


Ctrl + C >> Ctrl + V

Ctrl + C >> right click > paste in Terminal
This is just an example. Try it with any test file, exe text file
All it had to do was to write /home/akoya/examples.desktop. (/full/path/to/document.txt)

EDIT: searching further in Google “x-special/nautilus-clipboard” tells that this had been mentioned as bug sometime ago, and few more pages about this.

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To put this a bit more simply -
you can’t copy & paste to print a file’s path anymore
(though I believe DnD would still work.

This is super annoying. The simplest way to reproduce this is to copy text in firefox with ctrl + c and paste it to the gnome-terminal. In my experience I have to hit ctrl + c multiple times for this to work

When you copy text from a page in Firefox with Ctrl+C, you paste it with Shift+Ctrl+V to the gnome-terminal.
This works just fine.

Indeed, and this is an important change that is required in the GNOME3 project.
Here is the report,

There are several workarounds, including a Nautilus Script to add a menu item Copy Path when you right-click on a filename. You can go directly here to install,

Alternatively, do the one-liner described here,

Of course, dragging a file from Nautilus and dropping to the terminal is not affected by the change in GNOME3, therefore it works.

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for me it’s hit-or-miss. I will disable all my extensions to check if it makes any difference

It should definitely work.

Ctrl+C on Firefox, Shif+Ctrl+V in gnome-terminal.

The opposite is

Select something in the terminal. Then, Shift+Ctrl+C in the terminal, Ctrl+V in a textbox in Firefox.