Showing AM/PM time

For some reason, discourse is showing me AM/PM time:


Even though my browser locale is correct:

Even as a 30-year old adult, I still get super confused about how this time format works. I’m probably not the only one. The opposite is not the case, however. I don’t think a single person using 12-hour time is confused by 24-hour time.

So my question is: can you change the time format to 24 hours?

This appears to be possible:

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I don’t necessarily disagree with your main point, but as an American who prefers 24-hour time, I’d say the vast majority of Americans (and probably Canadians based on my short time living there) would be confused by 24-hour time. Many, maybe even a majority, don’t even understand it!


Wow, that’s surprising! I stand corrected.