Show the number on the sidebar icons when just holding Super key?

Hi all,

I remember from the old Unity days, if I press and hold the Super key, icons in the sidebar would display this number corresponding to the position of the icon in the sidebar to quickly open the respective application by pressing Super + Number.

This is not yet implemented in 17.10, I guess?

Is this going to be implemented in 17.10 final?

I tried to make it more clear in this video:

No, that won’t be in Ubuntu 17.10. Here’s a bug report discussing the problem.


You sorta get that when you press and hold the Super key and press Q, the dock shows the corresponding numbers.


@mohan-ram this is super cool! Is this somewhere documented? If not, we just mention that somewhere. Very useful for beginners. :slight_smile:

You also get to see the numbers after you’ve selected one :slight_smile:

Maybe log a bug for that: OpenID transaction in progress

@vanvugt sorry, don’t understand. What exactly is the bug then?

The bug is that the numbers appear on screen, but only after you’ve already pressed Super+Number. They should appear on screen before you choose which number key to press.

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I’ve already spent on day on this. It needs some deep mutter changes (or reimplementing some mutter key listening in GNOME Shell as a distro patch). If we bring a shortcut helper functionality in 18.04 on long super press, we will need this. However, we need to discuss that heavily with upstream to not have a huge and hard to maintain code divergence.

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@vanvugt there we go!