Should we remove the Support and Help Request Category?

Should we just remove this section? Pretty much 95% of every post there is locked, redirecting everyone to a site like The option is, make that category for technical support, or get rid of it and make a new one about bugs and issues with Ubuntu.

The Support and Help Request category is deliberately intended to prevent misdirected support questions from clogging up other channels.

The purpose is NOT to provide support, for which there are already many decade-old venues filled with gurus. The purpose IS to gently steer those folks toward the existing support venues.

History has repeatedly shown that support discussion mixes quite poorly with developer and tester chat, usually ending with the developers fleeing to a new venue with better signal/noise ratio and less abusive behavior.


I still do not understand what this community hub is all about after reading various explanations. What’s this seperation between technical and non technical.

Have you read this blog?

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