Should we improve the wordpress package?

Currently the wordpress package in the ubuntu universe repository does only support apache2. What is slightly unfortunate because nginx is very popular as well. Also it takes quiet some time to setup an installation, also it requires users to memorize a lot of steps what are required to setup the wordpress installation/site.

It would be great to have a wordpress binary what helps you install a wordpress site with a single command. Coincidentally that’s the kind of software I already have written in bash. I would really like it to contribute my code to this package, after accepting and fine-tuning my contribution it should be possible to do something like:

user@ubuntu:/var/www/html$ wordpress install

The script will create some symbolic links in the current directy so in your apache2 site configs only need Options FollowSymLinks what is quiet common and for nginx you’re actually already set to go.

There is a small to do list for the script I wrote because it’s mainly used for local development purposes. Allowing users to disable certain features on the command line will help web servers to work smoothly with the package as well. I might be able to update the package to work with flag(s) to disable features like:

  • Database creation
  • Database user creation
  • Adding a default subdomain to the /etc/hosts file

The main “invention” what makes this all possible is this setup. It doesn’t require any knowledge about the web address of the wordpress installation and thus the installation files can be moved anywhere on the server without breaking the installation.