Shinobi - CCTV & NVR

Your interest and involvement

No involvement - I’m just interested in an easy way for myself and others to use Shinobi


Home Users

Software considerations

Runs on Ubuntu
No Snap of Shinobi
No Deb of Shinobi
Requires Node.js FFmpeg MariaDB

Hardware considerations

Raspberry Pi 4 (maybe earlier) or x86_64
Another device with a web browser to access camera feeds, video recordings, and settings

Security considerations

Does your appliance require Secure Boot or full disk encryption?

  • I don’t think so


Does your proposed appliance have existing documentation around privacy policy?

  • I can’t find one, but may have missed it

Maintenance considerations

Would this appliance use existing maintained debs from Ubuntu? Would it use other software which needs maintenance? Is there an upstream or vendor commitment to maintenance of that software?

  • Requires Node.js, FFmpeg, and MariaDB maintained from Ubuntu (or possibly Snaps?)
  • Shinobi looks to have upstream or vendor commitment as they sell a paid pro version
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This is a super interesting application I’d never seen before. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I’ll personally contact the upstream developers, with a view to making a prototype snap of it. As you’ve already identified, it seems to use a bunch of components we already ship in Ubuntu, or which can be trivially snapped. So fingers crossed this shouldn’t be too tricky to snap up.

I’ll post my progress here for yourself and others to follow, and we can reach out to the upstream to propose your appliance idea. Thanks again!

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This looks super interesting. Is there any support for motion and person detection?

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There is motion detection with region support and it works well from my testing.
There is also an object detection plugin, though I haven’t tried it.