Setup - networking 18.04

When installing from scratch, I “think” I agreed to the network interface configuration… I disabled 1 NIC and left the other to DHCP.

Upon install, there was NO internet interface configuration. Had to configure manually.

Furthermore, since I could not get ssh to accept a login from the local host nor an external machine I proceeded to install limited ubuntu desktop… which was couter productive as it served only to lock me into the desktop.

I tried at least a half dozen uninstall commands for gdm, but it only “almost” uninstalled it.

But then I was able to install full ubuntu desktop… hoping to setup remote desktop, but could not because the desktop network settings had no clue there was a wired connection, so I could not setup inbound remote desktop.

even ssh from the local host could not connect, but I could telnet to port 22 from anywhere on the local network.

There are really multiple problems in this post, but If I could solve the remote ssh or remote desktop, I would be extatic.

I must access this server via a KVM from a “lights out” interface, because it is for lack of a better description, a blade server. That is why I am desperate to find a way to remote access this server.

I have spent hours searching and implementing solutions from the web.

Our support channels, listed at, are full of skilled volunteers ready to offer a hand and good advice.

Since this is not a support channel, closing this thread. Sorry.