You can manage your store settings through the Store Preferences page.

There are three categories of settings:

  • Store preferences
  • Automatic review checks
  • Available store packages

Store preferences

  • “Can sell apps”: you can enable or disable paid apps in your store.

    When enabled, uploaders have the possibility to set a price for their apps and end users can use the snap buy command to buy them, allowing their installation on devices logged in with the account that bought them.

  • “Unlisted”: this makes the store semi-private. The name and store id will not be listed in the main store list, but will still be accessible to clients and uploaders who know its id.

  • “Add packages to this store”: you can add snaps from other public stores to your store

    When clicking on this option you will be presented with a list of snaps from other public stores or other stores you are administrator of that you can select to be included in your store.

Automatic review checks

  • “Manual approval”: the first setting of this category enforces manual approval on all snaps, regardless of the results of the automated review.

Review types

The store allows you to be very granular in which automatic checks you can disable. Each of these is defined in the click-reviewer-tools source code and included test suite.