Setting up account roles

When setting up account roles, the Administrator should add appropriate accounts with roles to your Base store, where all snaps are registered and published. Here is a look at the dashboard screen an Administrator uses to add Ubuntu SSO accounts to a specific Snap Store with various roles.

An Administrator can navigate to the Users and Roles screen as follows:

  • Find the appropriate store on the (left side) displayed list, and select the Members on the Top bar of the dashboard.
  • Under Users and Roles, select Manage users and their roles.

You should then review and set the following roles for each store:

  • Base Store
    • Publisher
    • Admin, Reviewer
    • Viewer
  • Device View Store
    • Admin
    • Viewer

The Device View store does not require Publishers or Reviewers since it does not host snaps but is only a mechanism for curating snaps for device groups.

A Device View store should have at least a Viewer account. This is needed when building images that point to the Device View store. A viewer account can download snaps from the store for inclusion into the image.

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