Server Login Screen concept for Communitheme

I created a login screen concept using Canva. The icon for the menu is sourced for free by Canva, obviously, but that can change to an icon from Suru. I couldn’t find the original repo until after I made the image. It’s a server-based login dialog box.

Here is the concept.

I like the idea, is this intended to replace gdm3?
I suggest to switch the color of “power-off” button from green to red and maybe it will look better if words are a bit smaller. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is to replace GDM3. I’ll try doing the colour change and upload the update. If only there was a way to skin GDM like that.

@mattiachiozzi Okay, so it may not be red, but it is Ubuntu Orange.

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Maybe, we should take the idea from Antergos, which uses gnome-shell with a customized login screen. :thinking:

That sounds interesting.

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