Separate Document Buttons

In 17.10, all of my sidebar buttons for each document/spreadsheet/etc. that I have open has been consolidated into one button. (I’m using LibreOffice.)

This makes the system click-happy: I keep several documents open at once, and while I’m focusing I need to move among them quickly. But instead of look-click, I have to look-click-look-search-click. The second part is more difficult, because by practice, I know exactly where the first button is and what it looks like. But I don’t know where the document I need will be placed among all of my open documents, and it will also change as I open and close documents. It may not sound like much, but when you’re focusing on your work and moving quickly among items, it is a pain to have to stop and look around for what you want, each time you want to move.

If there’s a solution, let me know, I looked around, couldn’t find one. Otherwise, I request that you address this in the next version of Ubuntu. Let users have a separate button for each document.

And if possible, let us assign a different color or pattern to each button, particularly for our common documents.