Separate background image for lockscreen

a separate background image for the lock screen like it was with the beaver would be nice if implemented in the fossa in future.

20.04.1 & still no provision for a separate background image :worried:

@ipv your first post in this thread was dated 3rd May so presumably a couple of weeks after the release of Ubuntu 20.04 (focal).

Don’t expect new features to be added to that release. That’s not how Ubuntu works. Subsequent updates of Ubuntu 20.04 will only feature bug and security fixes and not new features.

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thank you paul, i did not know that.

@ipv having re-read your original post I’m seeing now that the feature that you are wanting might have actually been removed from the latest Ubuntu/GNOME release. If that’s the case then that would have been a GNOME decision and not an Ubuntu one.

However, as I said previously what we have in Ubuntu 20.04 is what we will have for the rest of its lifetime, that is until ‘End of Life’ in 2025. Nothing related to GNOME will be added or removed from Ubuntu 20.04 as it is fixed to include the features of GNOME 3.36.

GNOME developers have now moved on to develop version 3.38 which we will see in Ubuntu 20.10. The decision to add or remove features is entirely theirs.

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i stick with the lts releases only so i guess this is it till the 2022 lts release…hopefully.

thanks again paul.