Selecting foreign keyboard during installation

I was just reminded that selecting Hebrew for example while installing Ubuntu forces you to use the language you selected which is a bit problematic when selecting computer or username but the biggest problem is on the next login (after finishing the installation) when you have not yet configured the keyboard layout switching shortcut.

I’m trying to collect evidence since I’m not pretty sure how it is handled nowadays but I sure remember this is a very annoying problem and it’s becoming even more frustrating while using CLI.

The reason I’ve posted it here is to see if other translators experienced such behavior when they installed Ubuntu with their locale and keyboard layout which is different from Latin.

I’ve installed a foreign keyboard after installation. Ubuntu forces you to install the whole language package. It seems the keyboard is binded to a certain language and during installation it is not possible to install more than one language.

We’ve seen users struggling with typing their username or password once they are first attempting to login, I think that in case everything goes well it should be fine but in case X crashes there’s nothing they can do but reformat and choose English keyboard this time.

This bug comes to mind.

@yaron, @Rodhos: If you agree, it’s better to provide input on that bug report than talking here.