Seeking desktop icon menu source code

I seek the source code that creates the pop up menu that appears when a desktop launcher icon is right clicked on. I have already downloaded the Ubuntu 22.04 kernel source code, and did a grep search for a menu item text in all those downloaded source code files. I expected this would find the menu’s source code. But that search did not get any hits, so it looks to me like it is not in the kernel. Where is that source code?

The commands I used to download, and search:
git clone git://
grep -r “Allow Launching” “./jammy”

I verified that grep command by also searching for test text I copied from parts of that downloaded source code. That text was found.

I am seeking this source code because I suspect a bug in that code. I want to examine it, and step through its execution.

I have discovered it is not a system binary at all. It is instead the Java Script file:
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It is clear now that I have asked about this in the wrong forum. I will pursue this elsewhere.

Hello @spflanze,
Are you looking for the ubuntu-dock branch of the Dash to Dock extension?

Rather the DING source, reasonably.

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I do not know about that branch, or DING. All I know is the there is code in file that is not doing what I expect, and need. I have started a thread about it here:
See that thread for more information.