Security testing

I’m interested in learning about security testing and penetration tools. I bought a couple of books from Amazon that advertised themselves as being about “hacking” but they were a joke. They were just basic intro to Linux books. Can anyone recommend any resources to learn about security testing tools on Ubuntu?

Good security is much more than penetration testing. You can get a good orientation to a wider range of basic security concepts and practices by listening to a few episodes of the Ubuntu Security Podcast.


Normally, people would suggest to have a computer science background and then you can build on into computer security.
If you want to go through this pathway, have a look at

Computer security is quite broad. I suggest to look into which is a gamified (converted to look like a game) series of security challenges. Those challenges rotate, and when they rotate out, people are allowed to post their write-up. You can read those write-ups and will help to understand how to carry out the challenge. In order to create an account there, you need to pass an initial challenge to get an invitation code. Give it a try and get your own code.

You can use your Ubuntu to setup the VPN for HackTheBox.

I suggest to look into LXD, which is light-weight system containers, similar to virtual machines. You need these when you test stuff. It takes about 1-2 seconds to launch such a system container. You can get a shell into it, do your stuff. If you want to remove, it’s gone in a second.

Very useful suggestions. Thank you.