Second user cannot log in

Both my desktop and my laptop have Ubuntu 19.10 running, and both has similar users on it (my wife and I). Same username and password. But when I choose Switch User and she logs in, the desktop shows up and immediately we are shown my lock screen. It is as if her account gets logged out.

Edit: Note this happens if an user is already logged in. Switch user seem to not work as it used to.
Edit 2: The second user is not logged off, the are still logged in.

I believe this is a known issue, but I can’t find the bug number right now. I know @seb128 is aware, and will likely respond next week.

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I thought I saw a bug report for this in the last few weeks but also can’t find it right now.

Please open a new bug by running:

ubuntu-bug gdm3

or if that fails then via this link. Then please close this topic as the discussion can continue in the bug.

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Maybe I was thinking of this bug which seems to be nouveau-specific (?)

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Yes, confirmed. Please use this bug.


Marked as affecting me. Thanks.

The issue is fixed upstream in gdm 3.34.1
(the update is current in the eoan review queue)