Screenshotting will freeze the taskbar

I found a bug (probably with gnome):
Steps to reporduce: Open settings, appearance and turn on auto-hide-dock.
Then use Ctrl+Shift+PrtSc to do a cropped screenshot while the task bar is hovered by your cursor (while it is expanded).
It will lag the task bar and the icons will not be clickable.

I have the latest amd64 build, but it has been happening on older versions also.

  • Then you can only use Super+Tab to switch between apps, or Super to search & start an app.
    You need to restart pc in order to fix it. (Until you will attempt to do a screenshot again)

Thank you!

Hi @opetrovic . This is super late, but I ran into this same problem. While I didn’t find a solution, I know a good way to get it working again without resetting the PC.

Press Alt + F2, then enter “r”. That should reset the GUI and fix the frozen taskbar.


FYI this workaround does not work on wayland, which is default for most non-nvidia gpus starting from Ubuntu 21.04. On wayland you’d probably want to log out and log in (or similar) to restart the session.

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Please report this as a bug by running the command:

ubuntu-bug gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock
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