Screensharing in Wayland, Groovy Gorilla edition

So I was wondering whether any effort has been put to facilitate screen sharing in Wayland in Groovy Gorilla. Pipewire version is correct (0.3) and xdg-desktop-portal is installable, however apps fail to acquire outputs due to this bug

In theory, fixing the above would basically enable Chrome/Chromium and potentially Firefox (if it were to be compiled with the correct flags to enable pipewire & screensharing support) and other apps like OBS to share displays and windows in a Wayland session.

Unless I’m wrong, screensharing is the #1 issue to enable Wayland session by default? Perhaps followed by dodgy nvidia proprietary driver support.


The biggest issue right now is that we haven’t yet promoted pipewire to main, which is required to make it a dependency of mutter/gnome-shell. After that we would need to make a few other changes. It’s all part of the plan for future Ubuntu.

There’s a separate issue with supporting Chrome. I don’t think anyone has looked into that.


Thanks for the heads up Daniel.